Welcome to Endeavor!

Endeavor Studio originated in Houston TX as Spyder Studio where owner Greg Gill recorded local and regional rock and metal bands Stride, Outworld, Love N War, Mercury Down, White Trash Cowboys, Straightfork, and Midnight Circus to name very few.

After partnering with RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer, the two merged to form Diamond Recording and Productions.  This merger lead to recording regional and national acts with artists like Jani Lane, Kerry Kelly, Marzi Montazari, Chuck Wright, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Jerry Scott, and Rusty Cooley to name a few.  After moving to Arcadia Valley, Greg Gill formed Endeavor Studio and started recording, mixing and mastering national and local bands.  Currently in the studio is Love N War from Houston TX, Rick Ward tracking drums for Monroe's Thunder (Ronnie Monroe) formerly of Metal Church and local artists Breaking Ground.  Endeavor Studio is located within the beautiful Arcadia Valley Academy.

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